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There is no doubt that breaking into the competitive world of Karting is a challenge, there are some long standing, well respected brands currently leading the way. But there is always a position in the most crowded of market places for a brand which is willing to push the boundaries, as well as execute innovation and craftsmanship without compromise.

We believe that with our current range not only are we offering the best balance in terms of driveability, durability and adjustability which is fantastic for the beginner and rental markets, but we are also pushing back on some of the things we feel have compromised some of the racing karts of today: we like to call it ‘back to the future’ – inspired by old skool karts which were less fussy, less plastic, more visible and easier to manage, set up, maintain and race.

What we are offering now is great, but there is no doubt that with our constant evolution and development programme, as well as our inspirations and aspirations things have only just got started: watch this space…

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