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The KZR Championship was established in 2017 with a dual purpose:
Firstly, the need to have a realistic testing environment in order to develop our products further and thus ensure the products not only perform well in terms of driving experience, but they can also withstand the rigours of repeated hard use throughout a season and beyond.

Secondly, we wanted to broaden the opportunity of karting, making this epic sport even more accessible to people who would normally not be able to take the leap from it being a hobby, to a more serious and competitive level.

So in essence, every driver who joins us at Magnus Racing/KZR is helping us develop and further understand our products, at the same time having the experience of their lives at an affordable price – what could be more beautiful!?

If the above is not enough, we will soon be launching our ‘KZR Ambassador Programme’. More information on this will follow.

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