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Magnus Team

The Magnus team is a blend of people from various walks of life and experience, all of which have been successful in numerous differing ventures in recent years. But the constants that bring us all together are our shared passion for karting, and the drive to create something beautiful without compromise.

In this game, experience is everything. Within our chassis development team there is over 40 years experience to draw upon – these are people who know how to convert a concept into reality, and are still driven toward finding the ultimate solution.

Backing up the engineering side of the business, are our seasoned Flemish entrepreneurs who not only bring with them a wealth of successful business knowledge, but also their relentless energy, flair and enthusiasm which is absolutely key to driving any business toward success.

Working together we let our shared passion flow freely thus enabling creativity, precision and attention to detail to break down boundaries and take this brand to the next level.

Magnus Kart for me means a great challenge where I am building the best product in the world with fantastic colleagues.

Marino Spinozzi

Magnus Kart means for me the realization of my dream. I am part of the Magnus Kart team because, after completing the whole KZR kart line, I have the skills and the experience to realize all the kart rental models that the market requires for Magnus.

Fabio Gattucci

Karting is what I love, so Magnus Kart for me is simple: Passione .. Basta!

Alessandro Amabili

Magnus Kart means for me the achievement of the right prize after 50 years of passion for engines, and the motor sports in general.

Mauro Gagliardini

Building karts with a great team at Magnus Kart is an absolute dream coming true.

Mirko Di Pietrantonio

With Magnus Kart I want to built a kart that is both fun to drive and offering a kart track owner no work or hassle.

Steven Moulaert

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