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Experience is paramount when considering or investigating the feasibility of opening a Kart Centre. Having been through the process numerous times, we currently have a portfolio of successful, fully operational Kart Centres: The result of this means that we at Magnus Karting are in the perfect position to draw upon this knowledge and experience to help and advise on every aspect of setting up a new Centre, thus ensuring no costly mistakes are made and operations can run smoothly all the way up till your launch date, and beyond:

Kart Centre & Track Design

Fundamental to the success of every centre is the location and size/type of building – we can guide you right from the inception of plans and ideas, all the way through the process including: branding, track layout, efficiency of space, customer experience, setting up of bars, restaurants and conference rooms etc…

Financial planning and Budgets

Once again when it comes to planning the finances behind your venture, experience counts for everything. Our first hand and ongoing experience can help you plan short term (set up costs and budgets etc) as well as long term, making sure your business model stays on track from the moment the lights turn green.

Tools for the job

The setting up of a successful Kart Centre can take a lot of research as there are so many elements that need to be bought together to get the business up and running. With ongoing business relationships with key suppliers, we can assist with the purchase of everything required, including: Karts, Helmets, clothing, track equipment, barriers, electronics/timing equipment, health and safety etc.

Fine Tuning

You are almost there: perhaps the most critical phase of the business is a successful launch and smooth operations behind the scenes – this is where some of the ‘Magnus Magic’ and experience can really help you get over the line… the final corner before turning your paper dream into a reality…

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